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Walking For Weight Loss: 8 Essential Tips For Success!

So you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now. If you’re like a lot of weight loss enthusiast that are stressed, overwhelmed, and have a lack of time, then you need a simple method for dropping those extra pounds without totally uprooting your daily schedule… Like most of us really have an overabundance of time anyway. I know that you can relate to what I’m saying here. You see others do it. And […]

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Rodrick Etienne

Rodrick Etienne is the founder of, a Certified Master Trainer, Wellness Enthusiast, Weight Loss Expert who specializes in Quick and Super Effective exercise routines. He’s been studying health, fitness, and wellness since around 1987… He’s passionate to say the least! His mission is to create books that provide solutions to your health issues in a clear and concise manner without information overload. The biggest suggestion that he has for you is to choose the tips that resonate with you and take action by implementing them into your daily lifestyle immediately. He’s of the belief that you don’t always need…

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